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I started with $1000 with cobra last April 15. After just 1.5 months, my total balance is at 1800.

If you have money to spare, let Fxking trade for you.  Leave it for a long time.  Do the math. You can be a millionaire in 3 to 5 years. No brainer.

Trader_Ray (Phillipines)

If you meet someone and he’s good to you and not just you, it was extended to your family members and all. Respect him/her, that person is someone you need to be totally happy with. He’s got a good heart. He cares more about you and not his own gain.

​​Mr Fxking has not only been a boss, mentor, boss or professional assistant in my Forex journey, he’s been a family member, a caring father, brother and assistant to me and everything about me. He never brought business first, he brought family first and he’s a role model to all.

​​Thanks for your good deeds sir and you deserve more than just good review. I want others to know its rare to find your kind of calibre.

​​You’re an epitome of greatness and a caring father. Thanks sir !! I’ll always be appreciative to your good works to me and my family and to the forex business.

Fx_EliteTrader, Nigeria