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Boy with Pug Puppy

A little about me...

I have over 10 years of live trading experience behind me. 


In the early part of this journey, I have had several bad experiences, listening to and following those so-called rouge Brokers and their Account Managers, whose main strategy is to trapping you into investing as much as you can and more!  They pressurise you, lie to you, show unrelistic results and do not stop until they squeeze you dry, out of your life savings and then eventually, discard you to suffer all alone!

Fortunately, I have learnt from my experiences and recovered my losses since.  I am now dedicating my time in advising and guiding people, follow the correct path in their Forex journey and not become dillusioned by all these fake dreams of becoming a millionaire in a very short period of time! 

I have helped many who have benefitted from my guidance and support. ​I will guide you through my tried and tested strategies that I personally have been using all this time.


So, if you are serious about securing your finanical future and learning my strategies, you are very welcome to reach out to me.​