What Clients Say about FxKingVIP 

Abayomi Zahid, Riyadh

After blowing over 5 accounts trying to trade without any real understanding of Forex, I finally decided to take this training with FXKing.


Prior to the training with FXKing, I had completed a number of Forex courses available online but I was still struggling with the analysis which resulted in failed Demo tradings. I did not realise how incorrect informations were fed into us by all these Training Providers, that we all end up following them and eventually fall into the same trap.


FXKing's training guided me through and helped me understand the importance of the higher and lower timeframe analysis. These were thorough and detailed, yet so simple to follow and understand.

I came to realise, the most important aspect of trading in the Forex market is the Money/Risk Management, together with the Discipline & the Patience of never to chase trades, which was repeatedly reminded throughout the training.

By taking this training, I learned the importance of bringing together the skill, knowledge and patience required to be successful and consistently profitable.


Fx_EliteTrader, Nigeria


If you meet someone and he’s good to you and not just you, it was extended to your family members and all. Respect him/her, that person is someone you need to be totally happy with. He’s got a good heart. He cares more about you and not his own gain.

​​Mr Fxking has not only been a boss, mentor, boss or professional assistant in my Forex journey, he’s been a family member, a caring father, brother and assistant to me and everything about me. He never brought business first, he brought family first and he’s a role model to all.

​​Thanks for your good deeds sir and you deserve more than just good review. I want others to know its rare to find your kind of calibre.

​​You’re an epitome of greatness and a caring father. Thanks sir !! I’ll always be appreciative to your good works to me and my family and to the forex business.


Philip Westcot, Manchester


I started my Forex journey approx 6 months ago. I thought I had learnt a lot but most of what I learnt, did not give me an edge in the market. I would make a lot but then end up losing them all too.


I knew that I wasn’t ready at all and that it was important to keep learning so I could actually do my own analysis instead of using signals. It is now my firm believe that you will never be successful and become a 5 figure Forex trader if you only just follow signals from others.


You do not know what the signal provider is seeing and thus end up giving your money away in losses.

FXKing's training is gold, absolutely no fluff and is enlightening. There were so many things that I hadn’t even heard or thought about! It was mind boggling! My gosh, I am now looking at the whole market with a completely different set of eyes and how clear it is!

I now feel equipped and ready to be a proper trader. FXKing’s method and trading plan that was developed for me was sound and once applied with proper Risk/Money Management, one will be a successful trader!


I would recommend anyone who wants to be a successful trader, to take up his course. The cost of the training is totally worth it! I know for sure, that I will look back and be proud that I did take this course with FXKing!


I would strongly suggest however, that before signing up, ensure you know the basics of forex so you can maximize his trading plan, because FXKing does not conduct basics. Thank you FXKing!!


Bishnu P Nathanya (Bangalore)


Nice to see my account  grow every month.  Much better returns than my own local bank.   I am thinking about moving all my savings over. Thank you and keep it up FxKing.


Trader_Ray (PHillipines)


I started with $1000 with cobra last April 15. After just 1.5 months, my total balance is at 1800.

If you have money to spare, let Fxking trade for you.  Leave it for a long time.  Do the math. You can be a millionaire in 3 to 5 years. No brainer.


​Richard Sharp, (Manchester, UK)


FXKing, thank you for an eye opening session. I've gone tired of joining countless groups promising "100% results  wins" and showing off with their fake accounts. I was really thinking of completely giving it all up, until I came across you.


However, I had a gut feeling that I needed to learn from you and I am so glad I took the leap to the other side. This is by far one of the most useful and practical classes that I ever have taken. You have a wealth of experience.